Ongoing commissioning


Numerous buildings are not performing at their full potential, resulting in expensive operations, wasted energy and overall climate-control problems. Did you know that a substantial amount of building electricity is wasted due to electromechanical system inefficiency? Working with limited resources and increasing energy requirements, facility managers and operational personnel need the right information about their buildings in order to know that something is worthy of their attention, take the right decisions, reduce maintenance costs and achieve their operation objectives. 

What is ongoing commissioning?

Ongoing Commissioning is a continuous-improvement process intended to analyze and ensure that all building systems are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to operational requirements. This process will continuously identify opportunities and improve building operations with initial savings of more than 15%.

VPC in partnership with ADMS Technologies offers DABOTM (Diagnostic Agent for Building Operators), a unique ongoing commissioning software that connects to a building’s control systems and provides continuous feedback about building performance, energy consumption and detected operation improvements. Our innovative software allows managers of large commercial, institutional and industrial facilities to identify new savings opportunities and reduce waste while positively affecting assets.

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What is Ongoing Commissioning

Who needs ongoing commissioning